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The internet is a great way to communicate, whether anonymously or out in the open. There has never been a time in history where so many people are doing so much writing. The sneaky thing about the internet is that people end up learning relevant information, even if that was not their purpose for being online. The internet is always ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new ways for people to express themselves. It started out with message boards, where people came to post their thoughts and opinions about a variety of issues. It normally did not require any personal information to post on message boards.

The message boards cave way to forums. Forums were a little more organized than message boards, because most forums are centered around a central theme. Plus, a lot of forums required the participants to register before they could view or post on the forums. Forums were created to bring like minded people together. Forums are usually monitored, which means if the posts start to deviate from the purpose of the forums, or if the language used in posts are inappropriate, then the people responsible for the bad actions, could be banned from the forums. Forums also allowed people a chance to private message each other. Private messaging is a way for a member of the forum to send an email to another member, without having to post it for everyone to read.

Once people got familiar with the internet, they decided to express themselves in a larger way, like creating their own web sites. Many people started their own personal web sites. The subject of these sites varied from their lives to the lives of their pets. Although most of these sites were not being created for public consumption, they were still on the internet. People took great pride in building and maintaining their own web sites. The personal web sites were a great tool for families that lived far apart to stay in touch. Talking on the phone is fine, but pictures bring you closer.

The latest internet craze is called blogging. Blogging is basically an online diary. Just like a normal diary, people write down what's happening in their daily lives, but it's posted online. There are places online where you can start blogging for free. Blogs started slowly but gained popularity. What has spurred on the latest growth of blogs is that many famous people, from politicians to athletes, have their own blogs. Of course, the more famous you are, the greater the chance of people reading your blogs. And you can have more than one blog.

The blog is just another in a long line of internet creations, to keep people coming online. Just when it looks like there are no more ways to communicate online, another way comes along. Sharing information is the fuel that makes the internet go and people like sharing their thoughts and views. Today it's the blog, but tomorrow there'll be some other way to communicate on the internet.

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